Fintolog - Your Food Intolerance Log

Fintolog (from 'Food Intolerance Logbook') is an android application for easily logging your nutrition and resulting afflictions.

Based on these information, the app can make an analysis and show you which food you have eaten an editable amount of hours before the afflictions occurred.

On top of that, there is an Excel export and e-mail function to send and show your log to your doctor or nutrition advisor.

Feature Overview

  • Log your meals with separable ingredients or dishes
  • Log your afflictions with all symptoms and an intensity scale
  • View an analysis of what you have eaten before every discomfort
  • Edit analysis period
  • Store and restore backups of your log
  • Export log as Excel-file (XLS) for viewing it on your PC
  • Send E-Mails with your log attached as Excel-file

Planned Features

  • Edit meal and affliction entries
  • View a list of problematic dishes or ingredients indicating percent of occurances having afflictions after eating it
  • View a list of unproblematic meals
  • Log blood pressure


2014/06/15 - Initial release, version 1.0 (codename Pretzel)


  1. How can I delete entries in my log?
    - You can delete entries in your log by opening the corresponding overview (Show meals, Show complaints) and tipping on the entry in the list. Then a confirmation dialog will show up.
  2. How can I clear my log?
    - You can clear your log in the settings menu by selecting 'Delete all saved data'.